I Go to the Chiropractor Every Few Months

I have some friends who see a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis. Throughout the year, they may see theirs at least twice and sometimes more, depending on how they are doing. They are both quite active though, whereas I live a much more sedentary lifestyle. Because of this, I thought that I did not need to see any Valley Village chiropractors like they do. It turns out I was wrong though. My aches and pains were growing at a much more rapid pace than theirs were, and that is including when they overdo it!

When we were all having dinner one night, I was telling them how I had been feeling my age lately. That got us started on how they rarely feel their age, but they did not attribute that to just staying active with all their hobbies and interests. They actually gave the majority of the credit to going to the chiropractor and getting regular adjustments done. That is what got me thinking that maybe they were onto something that had to do with all of us, not just active people. I decided to make an appointment with the same chiropractor they use.

Since I have started having regular spinal adjustments done as well, I feel like a totally new person. I am not saying that I don’t still have those days where I hurt, but they are few and far between. Some people make the mistake of stopping once they feel better, but I knew that if I wanted to maintain this feeling, then I would need to continue to have regular adjustments done. I went several times at first, because I knew it was going to take more than one visit to make me feel better overall. Now, I go at least once every few months, and I love how I feel now.