Self-Defense Gear To Keep On Hand When Camping Alone

When someone decides to go on a camping trip on their own, it is likely they will be concerned about their well-being when there are not others around to help in keeping them safe. Keeping self-defense gear within easy reach is important should an encounter with a stranger or wild animal occur. Here are some items to pack in a bag for a camping trip.

Tactical Weapons For Life-Threatening Encounters

Keeping a weapon will not only help in saving a life if there is a situation where a person or animal threatens a camper, but it will also be useful in hunting or daily camping activities. A tactical knife will work well at cutting excess brush to blaze a trail, or whittling down tree limbs to use for fire wood. A gun can be used to give a warning signal if the camper loses their way in the wilderness, possibly helping them to be found during a time they need help.

A Source Of Lighting To Find The Way

Tactical lighting is a must if a camping trip will include nighttime hours. Heavy-duty flashlights, lanterns, or spotlights will help to illuminate the area so a camper will find their way without difficulty. Headlamps can be used to help keep the hands free if desired. Pen lights can be easily tucked into a pocket or sock to hide illumination from others if necessary. Light holders and batteries should also be obtained so lighting will be present when it is needed. Weapon lighting will also be useful if a situation arises where the camper is threatened.

The Right Holders And Containers

When camping, being able to grab items quickly is a necessity to ensure safety needs are met. Purchasing holsters for firearms, or sheaths for the carrying of knives or other weapons ensures protection is in a location where it will be able to be accessed without delay should an emergency arise. Backpacks or bags can also be purchased for holding of other camping items so the hands are freed up to tend to other tasks while keeping necessities in a location within reach.